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A Wholistic and Nourishing Space

The Clinic

At Hygeia Naturopathic Clinic you will find a space of healing and calm that provides the framework for treating and addressing the foundations of health. Our clinic includes an herbal dispensary, calm and nourishing treatment rooms, a spa oasis and a lounge area to relax and regenerate.

Hygeia’s Spaces of Healing

Hygeia’s Dispensary

Hygeia’s Herbal Dispensary includes Bulk herbs that are created and catered to each individual, Chinese Herbal Medicine that provides foundational support and the use of professional grade nutraceuticals. At Hygeia, our practitioners utilize the dispensary based on their patient’s individual needs.

Clinic Dispensary
Treatment Room

Hygeia’s Treatment Rooms

Hygeia’s Treatment Rooms bring a sense of calm and provide a safe space for rejuvenation and healing. The treatment rooms allow for ample and comfortable space with the seclusion away from the noise of our daily routines.

Hygeia’s Hydrotherapy Spa Room

Hygeia’s Hydrotherapy space utilizes water as therapy and provides quietness and solitude during the patient’s healing time. Water therapy can be of great benefit for treating a number of health conditions. Using both hot and cold temperatures, patient’s can enjoy the oasis and take the time and care they need to fully replenish their health.

Spa room
Spa room

Hygeia’s Hydrotherapy Spa Room

Hygeia’s Hydrotherapy Spa room also includes the infrared sauna and features a built-in shower to break up your sauna treatment with a cold immersion shower or tub. This helps rinse off the toxins coming through the skin and the alternating temperatures support a healthy immune system, improves circulation, and reduces pain.

Hygeia’s Lounge

Hygeia’s Lounge Space is found away from the commotion of your daily routines and provides an oasis for you to recover and rejuvenate your health. This space is used for multiple services and provides comfort and relaxation during your consultations and treatments.

Hygeia's lounge
Hygeia's consultation rooms

Hygeia’s Consultation Rooms

Hygeia’s Consultation rooms are comfortable, spacious and quiet allowing for the best environment during your healing consultations and treatments. Here you can feel most comfortable addressing your health concerns with our knowledgeable practitioners.