Nutrition Program

Nutrition is one of the foundational pillars of health and wellness. As the saying says, we are what we eat. To be healthy, prevent disease and optimize our health, nutrition is key player involved in all three aspects. At Hygeia we are here to help you understand your current nutrition and work with you to not only make it easy and enjoyable, but additionally nourishing for your own health. We take on an individualized approach and our team works together to provide in person and on-going care that you can integrate into your daily life.

Hygeia’s Nutrition Program involves nutritional and lifestyle coaching.

We will assess your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle. Based on this, we can help you modify your diet with meal planning that incorporates whole, natural foods that you will enjoy.

Hormone Assessments

The interplay between our lifestyles, diet and environment can have a profound impact on our hormone levels and metabolism, influencing our moods, energy levels and ability to burn calories and fat efficiently. By taking stock of your hormone levels and metabolism, we can begin to correct the disharmonies that are preventing you from achieving your health and wellness goals.

Food Sensitivity Assessment

Many of us regularly and unknowingly eat foods that produce inflammation in our bodies. We may even assume these foods are good for us, but the inflammation they cause can lead to heart disease, circulation problem, mood shifts, as well as weight gain and other related symptoms. Through a few simple tests and a food elimination protocols, we can determine your unique sensitivities and build a nutritional plan that works for your tastes and lifestyle.

Gastrointestinal Health Maintenance

Food is our foremost medicine, providing the nutritional building blocks required to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Our gastrointestinal tract is the crucial system in the absorption of these building blocks. Without a healthy and intact digestive system, any other supplement or change you make may be pointless.

Our team at Hygeia will assess and treat any dysfunctions in your body and teach you ways to maintain its health so your body will be balanced and stay healthy for the long term.