Biodentical Hormones

Bio-identical hormones (BHT) are structurally the same as our body’s own hormones

What are hormones?

A hormone is a chemical messenger in the body. Bio-identical hormones (BHT) are structurally the same as our body’s own hormones. Because these hormones are naturally accepted by the body, they are easily used and broken down and hence the side effects are minimized.

Who needs them?

Bio-identical Hormones are helpful for women to ease the symptoms of menopause, perimenopause, and post-menopause. Some of the symptoms may include mood changes, irritability, memory loss, weight gain, decreased sex drive, depression, bloating, insomnia, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, and fatigue. Some women who suffer from symptoms of PMS or ovarian cysts will also benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. BHT is helpful for men as well. Symptoms of low testosterone and DHEA can cause weight gain, low libido, decreased energy, and sense of well-being.

Do I have to use hormones for menopausal symptoms?

Absolutely not, many therapeutic grade herbal or nutritional supplements can work well for menopausal symptoms.

Testing for Hormones

Testing is often recommended at the beginning of treatment and then to monitor treatment. This can be done with a saliva test or blood test.

What’s involved?

A consultation is needed to get started. Our Naturopathic Practitioners investigate and support each individual based on health and need. Each patient receives a custom blend of hormones and/or natural supplementation to meet their specific needs. A Hormone Panel test may be indicated by our practitioner to determine your present hormone levels and individualized treatment protocol.